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Why Web Projects Fail

We’re going to give it to you straight. Every single company, from the biggest international brands to the smallest local startups, struggle with the success of web projects.

We’ve found five key reasons web projects fail, and share here how the team at Framework Creative safeguards against those disappointing and
costly stumbling blocks.

1No Established Budget

Nothing is more frustrating than a blown budget. Not only is it inefficient, it may lead to other problems with meeting deadlines and important timelines down the road.

Setting clear goals and expectations up front makes staying on budget attainable. We make sure to consult with our team members and review history from previous projects so all potential costs are considered at the start.

2Design By Committee

You’ve heard the phrase too many cooks spoil the broth? The same goes for web projects.

Allocating responsibilities and having confidence in your team is crucial to a cohesive and successful project. We believe identifying whose skills and expertise complement each element of the project is the secret ingredient.

3Scope Creep

We get it, it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a project. Before you know it, promises are made and everyone is struggling with how to manage unrealistic timelines, ballooning budgets, and new expectations.

Framework Creative always starts a new project with a thorough discovery period. By researching the attainable scale of a project, we avoid stress down the road. If we learn everything ahead of time, including longer term goals for your business, we can plan better for an efficient and effective project.

4Unrealistic Expectations

When expectations don’t align with the feasibility of a project, it can be discouraging for everyone involved.

By collaborating on realistic schedules and benchmarks, goals can be made and each milestone met celebrated! Often each step of a project is hinged on another, so mapping those out ahead of time helps us exceed clients’ expectations.

5Skipping Post-Production Nurturing

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a web project can be completely finished.

Successful web projects are always dynamic, characterized by new ideas and energy, and they absolutely must be nurtured. Our partners will see we offer fresh content and original strategies to keep their brand relevant, visible, and profitable.

So, what is the biggest takeaway to set web projects up for success?

Communicate, communicate, and then? Communicate some more! Expectations are often based on assumptions, but effective communication is crucial to keeping everyone on the same page. Framework always strives to over-deliver and we have exceptionally high standards for our work and your results!

Ready to tackle your website project? Let’s work together!

Sarah Murphy Robertson
About the Author
Sarah Murphy Robertson is the Copywriter spoke in our Framework Creative wheel. She’ll turn phrases and create content aimed to help our clients strengthen their brands and grow their businesses. Sarah loves browsing bookstores, baking bread, absorbing podcasts, and watching her kid play baseball.