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Sarah Murphy Robertson joins Framework Creative

Framework is excited to announce the on-boarding of local wordsmith, Sarah Murphy Robertson.

Born and raised in “The Heart of it All”, Sarah Murphy Robertson moved to Atlanta after graduating from Ohio University. There, this midwestern transplant spent thirteen years working in TV and commercial production and later for a large nonprofit. In 2011, she and her husband took the plunge by moving to Santa Rosa Beach with their son.

As a beach local, writing became her full-time gig and it suits her perfectly. Above all else, she loves puns and wit and words. Sarah is the Copywriter spoke in our Framework Creative wheel. She’ll turn phrases and create content aimed to help our clients strengthen their brands and grow their businesses.

Along with days spent in the sunshine, Sarah loves browsing bookstores, baking bread, absorbing podcasts, and watching her kid play baseball. She believes white chocolate is an absolute abomination and admits to a small, yet harmless, addiction to her morning coffee.

Learn more about the Framework Creative team here.

Joe Godbee
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Joe Godbee serves as Creative Director at Framework. He designs websites, produces videos and directs the team on all things creative. When Joe isn't behind his desk or lens, he can be found surfing and diving the emerald waters of Florida's Gulf Coast.