Play Your Cards Right

How business cards work best in a digital age

When building a business in this era of LinkedIn, Smart phones, and online networking, your business card is a unique chance to make a lasting impression.

Personal interactions highlight those digital connections, and if your card isn’t memorable it is likely tossed and forgotten.

We create our business cards with these key tenets in mind:

1Make it Memorable

  • Paper stock/weight is everything. Offering a heavy business card singles you out and is immediately noticeable.
  • Letterpress/Blind Impressions create strong visual impacts. Your card’s touch and feel is more lasting than you may realize.
  • Edge Painting helps your further your brand. This is a simple way to stand out from the stack.

2Make it Personal

  • Think outside the box. Create something completely unique (ie: a carpoenter with a business card made from wood products.)
  • Good cards are shared. Even if you don’t close the deal this time, a standout card is more likely to be passed along and contact information shared.

3Make it Professional

  • The quality of your collateral reflects the quality of your business.
  • A well-crafted business card = a successful business

So get on out there, shake hands, make introductions, and always be sure to stack the cards in your favor! If your business cards could use some fine-tuning we’d love to help you!

Joe Godbee
About the Author
Joe Godbee serves as Creative Director at Framework. He designs websites, produces videos and directs the team on all things creative. When Joe isn't behind his desk or lens, he can be found surfing and diving the emerald waters of Florida's Gulf Coast.